About DFSK

DFSK International

The story of DFSK can be traced back to DFM (Dongfeng Motor Group, China), originally founded in 1969.  Dongfeng is now China’s third largest vehicle manufacturer, selling almost 2 million vehicles representing a 10.8% share of the Chinese marketplace.

DFSK was formed as a joint venture between DFM and Sokon Motor Group and today operate six manufacturing sites within China, producing mini vans, motorcycles, ATVs and shock absorbers.

DFSK represents the automotive division of the Chongqing Sokon Industry Group. A strategic alliance and joint venture with China’s second largest automotive manufacturer, the Dongfeng company (DFM) has allowed DFSK to tap into DFM’s joint ventures with well-known Japanese, Korean and French manufacturers. DFSK also manufactures a range of heavy commercial vehicles.

They have gained international quality certificates ISO9001, 3C and Environmental Certification ISO12000.

DFSK are currently engaged in partnerships with several of the world’s leading motor manufacturers, making their vehicles for the Chinese domestic vehicle market.

The DFSK range of mini vans is sold across the world with forecast sales for 2011 being in excess of 1 million vehicles.

DFSK South Africa

DFSK SA is proudly part of Dacar Motor Corporation and backed by the Hallmark Motor Group and the Magic Group.

Hallmark Motor Group owns over 38 dealers country wide consisting of a variety of different automotive brands. In 2011 Hallmark retailed over 9 000 new vehicles & 15 000 used vehicles. Hallmark Motor Group is a sister company of the JSE-listed transportation, supply chain and logistics service provider, Cargo Carriers.

The Magic Group has directed over 57 companies and owns over 10 automotive dealerships also consisting of a variety of different automotive brands. The Magic Group is the majority shareholder of Aucor which is the largest auction house in Africa.

DFSK South Africa’s dealer network currently consists of over 39 active dealers throughout Southern Africa , all adhering to a minimum standard set out by DFSK International and DFSK South Africa.